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CONE Knee Sleeves - USPA & IPF Approved - Stiff - Electric Lemonade

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Just like a refreshing cup of lemonade on a summer day, our meet kit adds just the right amount of 'electricity' to power up your lifts! Combining the rich navy blue with the pop of lime green, our Electric Lemonade kit will make you stand out on the platform!

About our CONE Knee Sleeves:

Our stiff knee sleeves have the same slight downward cut panel on the back of the quad and calf to offer that compression on the knee joint, while stiffening up the material to give you even more support and a stronger stretch.

A7 7mm knee sleeves are USPA and IPF approved and are allowed in all USPA, IPL and IPF competitions. These also meet the technical specs of USA Powerlifting and are allowed in USAPL competitions.

A7 CONE Electric Lemonade Stiff Knee Sleeves feature:

  • Double seams along the back to keep greater tension on the knee joint
  • 7mm thickness
  • Tapered design, which applies greater tension at the knee joint
  • Tapered design allows ease of putting the sleeve on while maximizing the amount of tension on the knee joint without overly compressing the calf
  • High quality neoprene that is heavier in weight and compression grading
  • Sold as a pair
  • Made with stiffer top material than our regular CONE knee sleeves (Purple, Pink, Military, Royal, Fire, Black) and have the same stiffness as Stealth, Puzzle Camo and Americana sleeves.