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Zebra Wrist Wraps - Polar

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Polar was created to help guide the eager, those who strive and have the courage to never settle. Become the pathfinder for those who cross constellations looking to make a difference in the world. Become the light of Polaris. Envision your milestones, break through them, and set PRs. Let Polar help you shine bright in the moments that will define who you are, a leader, the North Star.

Zebra Wrist Wraps feature an all-new Patent Pending design. Strips of velcro on the wraps overcome the stretch limitations of all other wrist wraps and their large hook and loop patches. The introduction of velcro strips allows Zebra Wraps to conform fully to your unique preference of tightness and fit without a velcro patch getting in the way. The wraps still offer double-stitched ambidextrous heavy-duty thumb loops for a perfect fit.

We offer Zebra wrist wraps in 3 lengths (55 cm [21 in], 77 cm [30 in], and 99 cm [39 in]) and 4 stiffnesses (Flexi, Mids, Stiff, and Rigor Mortis).

Zebra Wrist Wraps - Polar feature:

  • Strips of velcro for additional stretch
  • Available in 3 lengths: 55 cm [21 in], 77 cm [30 in], and 99 cm [39 in]
  • Available in 4 stiffnesses: Flexi, Mids, Stiff, and Rigor Mortis
  • Double-stitched thumb loops and end velcro
  • Ambidextrous heavy-duty thumb loops
  • Silicone A7 patch
  • Sold as a pair
  • Approved for use in USAPL, USPA, IPL and IPF