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A7 Pioneer Cut Prong Belt - IPF Approved

A7 Pioneer Cut Prong Belt - IPF Approved

$ 169.95

We are proud to partner up with Pioneer to offer American-made A7 powerlifting belts. This A7 Pioneer Cut Belt features two lines of offset holes, which is designed to allow you to tighten the belt in 1/2 inch increments instead of the normal 1 inch. In powerlifting, 1/2 inch makes a huge difference. With the smaller increments, the belt can be worn at the correct tightness and be unbuckled much easier. The belt is IPF approved and is allowed in all IPF competitions and its affiliate federations like USA Powerlifting.

A7 Pioneer Cut Prong belt features:

  • ~4 inch width
  • 1/2 inch adjustments
  • Black metal buckle
  • Custom-dyed black leather
  • Gray suede leather on the inside
  • A7 debossed logo on the back of the belt
  • Made in USA from American Leather
  • “Pioneer Cut” is a Patent Pending design manufactured exclusively by Pioneer
  • IPF Approved

*The belts are hand-made and may slightly fluctuate in thickness. 

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