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Hourglass Knee Sleeves - Alien

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Hourglass Knee Sleeves

Hourglass Knee Sleeves - Alien features an all new Patent Pending design with an hourglass-shaped center taper fit to help provide center knee compression while maintaining proper tightness around the calf and quad. Now offered in three unique stiffnesses (Flexi, Stiff and Rigor Mortis) to meet your desired compression and knee support for the gym both on and off the platform.

We offer the sleeve in our classic stiffness now called Flexi and Stiff that you have come to enjoy in our Cone Knee Sleeves. Hourglass Knee Sleeves also  introduce a new level of stiffness called Rigor Mortis which offer a level of stiffness, density, and squeeze in the calf, quad, and center knee joint unlike any sleeve before.

Hourglass Alien Green Knee Sleeves Feature:

  • Double seams along the back to keep greater tension on the knee joint
  • 7mm thickness (maximum allowable in most powerlifting federations)
  • 30 cm length (maximum allowable in most powerlifting federations)
  • Hourglass-shaped center taper fit, which applies greater tension at the knee joint
  • Made with high quality neoprene and other materials
  • Available in three stiffnesses: Flexi, Stiff, Rigor Mortis
  • Comes in a convenient mesh bag
  • Sold as a pair
  • Rigor Mortis version features the stiffest and most dense neoprene
  • Approved for use in USAPL, USPA, IPL and IPF