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Y Ddraig Goch - Wales Bar Grip Women's Shirt

Y Ddraig Goch - Wales Bar Grip Women's Shirt

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Y Ddraig Goch means the Red Dragon in Welsh.

The legend has it, in ancient Wales; a Celtic king was on the lookout to build a castle for his empire and stumbled across the perfect hillside. At this point, a young Merlin in Magician warned the king that underneath the hillside two dragons lay sleeping. The King ignored Merlins warnings and during the castles construction the two Dragons were revealed, one red - one white. They were found fighting fiercely and produced an epic battle with eventually the red dragon becoming triumphant. Ever since then the red dragon has been a symbol of pride, power and victory in Wales for centuries.

Wales Bar Grip shirt features:

  • High quality cotton lycra material
  • Wales Red Dragon design on the chest
  • Welsh flag on the back
  • Tapered fit
  • Bar Grip Premium
  • A7 hem tag

What is A7 Bar Grip?

A7 Bar Grip is a one-of-a-kind performance shirt with a patent-pending silicone grip on the back that is designed to help with slippery commercial benches and bars. The grip helps you stick to the bench during bench press and anchors the barbell to your back when squattingBar Grip is the ultimate training shirt for powerlifting, strongman and weightlifting workouts.

Important:  Please view the size chart for accurate sizing (available in the product gallery). Some variation in sizing may occur.

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