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The Standard Men's Shirt

The Standard Men's Shirt

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This awesome "The Standard" shirt is made in collaboration with Matt and Sioux-z Gary, the Founders of SSPT.  Sioux-z and Gary help athletes become their best selves on the platform and off. 

So what does Upholding the Standard mean?

Here is a little bit about SSPT's mission and why it resonates with our values so well!

“Perfection is unattainable. Therefore, strive to uphold the standard and be willing to accept excellence. Class, integrity, and respect are the foundation of our ideal. Industriousness and truth are built on that bedrock. Choose and endeavor to always remain true to these values especially when it’s most uncomfortable. Love with all your heart and be passionate about something. Always give your best. Play by the rules.  Compete. Give more than you take. Worry not about accolades or titles. Remain humble and praise others. Seek wisdom, learn, practice, master, and then pay it forward. Become legendary by leaving a profound legacy.”

The Standard shirt features:

  • Unique "Upholding the Standard" design
  • SSPT logo on one sleeve and A7 logo on the other
  • A7 hem tag
  • Demand Greatness print on the back

    What is A7 Bar Grip?

    A7 Bar Grip is one-of-a-kind performance shirt with patented silicone grip on the back that is designed to help with slippery commercial benches and bars. The grip helps you stick to the bench during bench press and anchors the barbell to your back when squatting. Bar Grip is the ultimate training shirt for powerlifting, strongman and weightlifting workouts.

    Important:  Please view the size chart for accurate sizing (available in the product gallery). Some variation in sizing may occur.