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No Idols Sticker

No Idols Sticker

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In a world of distractions, we tend to lose ourselves. The things we once found important become distorted and a distant memory of the way we used to be. We are surrounded by social media and influencers. Ones that most the population looks to fill the void of their inactions in their own life. We are capable of achieving anything with the right mindset but the distractions are what always hold us back.

When we see others with flashy cars, bragging over their vacations, posting their edited images, bragging how great their “Camera on” relationship is etc. These are distractions from you focusing on the real you. From you staying in control. These are the ways that social media becomes a poison, a toxin that keeps the individual from their full development. Great men like Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and many others from our past found themselves and their unique individualism to become more.

This understanding of individualism caused the advent that became their life, their purpose, their memory. This is what becomes muted in the social media sphere that entraps us and has us care more about the opinions and judgments of others regardless of their distance to us in all senses.

Most people are flawed and come from pasts that are imperfect. This void or weakness in one’s character causes attachment to the idea of what they wish they were. They see someone on social media they wish they could be and look for this other person’s footsteps to provide them the place to walk within. They become a dull echo and barely heard if heard at all. And when heard not listened to because the emulation process only creates a copy of a copy all while preventing the greatness of who the individual could become with the mindset of a Thoreau or an Emerson or even avoidance of accepting an idol.

This No Idols design is the summary of all the above and is to be worn as a commitment to be one’s self, pave one’s own path, accept one’s existence, take responsibility, and fight hard for the life the individual desires and not become the dull echo of another and merely live-in emulation. You decide your level of commitment in this life. You are always in control. Live your life and never look to an idol besides who you can become. 

No Idols sticker is dye-cut and is made from durable polypropylene. It is 4.5 in (114 mm) wide.

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