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Flag RWB Meet Women's Shirt

Flag RWB Meet Women's Shirt

$ 29.95

When you step on the platform and want to show your love for the Red, White, and Blue (RWB) to the next level, and really set yourself apart, the only option you have is to find a way to rock it with pride.  Is it loud? Yes.  Is it proud?  YES.  Be bold and intentional and leave no doubt about how much freedom you love. This shirt is approved for use in the IPF, USAPL, and most major federations.

Flag RWB Competition shirt features:

  • High quality cotton lycra material
  • A7 logo within the USA Flag on the chest
  • Demand Greatness design featured on the upper back
  • Loud and Proud RWB Colorway
  • A7 logo on both sleeves
  • Tapered fit for easier tucking under the singlet
  • A7 hem tag

         Important:  Please view the size chart for accurate sizing (available in the product gallery). Some variation in sizing may occur.

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