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Demand Greatness Men's Meet Shirt - Purple

Demand Greatness Men's Meet Shirt - Purple

$ 29.95

Standout from the crowd in our Purple Demand Greatness Meet Shirt and let your energy show on the platform, in your training or while out and about. Our Meet tees offer a level of comfort like no other through their unique blend of materials and stretch in the places you desire for a comfortable fit that keeps your mind on your performance.

The shirt is allowed at any IPF level competition and meets the specs for USAPL.

Demand Greatness Purple Shirt features:

  • High quality cotton lycra material
  • Demand Greatness design on the upper chest
  • A7 Logo design on the upper back
  • A7 logo on both sleeves
  • Tapered fit

    Important: Please view the size chart below for accurate sizing.

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