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Wake Soap - Clove & Oats

Wake Soap - Clove & Oats

$ 7.95

Introducing A7 WAKE Soap! This soap was specifically designed to empower Athletes to not only smell clean but actually be clean.

This blend is our Cloves and Oats Soap, a bold yet calming blend with clove essential oil and the perfect blend of real oats to help exfoliate and massage the skin.

Our Wake Soap is created with the perfect blends of organic and natural saponified oils balanced with essential oils to not only clean you but leave your body with an uplifting natural scent. We know how hard to train and we know how tough it can be to clean the grime away from your dedication to growing stronger both in and out of the gym. We set out when making our soap with you in mind, the Athlete, the dedicated one that even with all that life throws at you push to live your best life and be your best self.

“Don’t just smell clean, be clean”

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