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A7 Soul Sumo Slippers

A7 Soul Sumo Slippers

$ 39.95

We pioneered our Soul Go Slipper back in 2017 and we knew we had to make something special for the lifters requesting additional side support. We have worked on perfecting this design over the last 2+ years and are proud to finally release it for all your lifts. These slippers are approved to use in IPF competitions.

This Patent Pending design incorporates a diagonal strap that meets at the top of your foot to help keep you grounded with one simple adjustment of the strap. As you tighten the one strap it will pull directly along the side wall and top of your foot evenly and help contain your foot to the shoe with the outward pressure for Sumo style deadlifts and other outward pressure lifts. There really is no other strap system like this on the market and the direct line to the out wall of your foot will help to stop the sliding experienced in most shoes.

The base of the shoe features our Trademarked SOUL logo in a patterned arrangement that is designed specifically to grip the carpets used in competition but will also grip concrete and rubber flooring just as easily. You will also notice the increased pull tab loop for fast on off movements of your slippers. We are excited to see you pull some PRs and feel the benefits yourself.

Sumo Soul Slippers feature:

  • Grippy rubber outsole with SOUL logo
  • Sidewall support for sumo deadlifts
  • Adjustable diagonal strap
  • Removable insole for an even more grounded feel
  • Pull loop on the back of the slipper for easy heel slip on
  • Stretchy loop for comfort feel on your heel
  • Mesh bag for easy storage in your gym bag
  • Patent pending design

*Please review the size chart for guidance on the best fit for you.

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